Susan R. Bushman

Therapeutic Massage

Susan BushmanSusan found her calling in therapeutic massage at The Touch Therapy Institute in Encino, CA.  Working exclusively on women at La Canada Y.M.C.A., her best training was in the field, working hundreds of hours on women who have had lumpectomies, single, double and radical mastectomies and radiation damage as well as chemotherapy side effects.

Massage moves fluids through the body, helping with edema and stimulating the lymphatic system to push toxins out.  Body function is improved and the massage allows for rest, rejuvenation and repair.  Scalp massage and foot massage is comforting and relaxing when nothing else feels good – a physiological relief from stress.

Susan is honored to work with ChemoWize and help women who have suffered through breast cancer and its treatment regain their full strength.

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