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A New Lease On Life!

IMG_5766Diagnosed and treated for breast cancer as a teenager Marianne Kennedy suffered a recurrence later in life when, after she suffered acute shortness of breath, a large tumor the size of a baseball, was discovered in her chest.

The tumor was over her heart and wrapped around her jugular and other important veins. She had developed Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 2. Refusing to accept her Doctor’s diagnosis that she should enter hospice and had less than 3 weeks to live, she found a Doctor willing to treat her with a heavy radiation and chemotherapy regime, 6 x 8 hour chemotherapy every 3 weeks followed by 23 radiation treatments over 18 weeks.

The treatments left her extremely weak, with bone density so compromised it resulted in Avascular Necrosis – death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply and the need for two hip replacements.

Meeting Alex Peterson at the Farmer’s Market in Wrightwood, she found out about ChemoWize. Unable to work anymore, and loosing her home due to medical bills, she was accepted as a beneficiary.

ChemoWize practitioner Ron Frank’s nutritional programs have “given me vitality & energy, put my liver back in normal liver panel range, enabled me to sleep again, regulated my bowel movements and vastly improved the quality of my life.

“Working with ChemoWize practitioner Mary Duman, I have learned how to take care of myself mentally and physically and how to be more positive and over come depression and fear of further recurrence of cancer.  Without ChemoWize I would not have be able to pull out of the deep depression and negative outlook on life that had enveloped me. ChemoWize provided me with a juicer and the education to use it. I had reached a point where I thought life might not be worth living, but as my body has recovered so has my mind.  I look forward to continuing on this upward trajectory and am grateful I got to see my daughter graduate from San Diego State and get an awesome job at UCLA as an oncology certified nurse.  I was also at her wedding! Now bring on the grandchildren!!!!!”

Georgeann Beck Receives Grant

Georgeann Beck Receives Grant

Georgeann Beck receives her grant from ChemoWize director Alex Peterson, with Ron Frank of Classic Homeopathy. Included in the grant are acupuncture treatments, ion footbaths, lymphatic drainage and reflexology massages, nutritional consultation and supplements and SOS footwear. Proceeds from the fundraising event on Sunday the 22nd September 2013 at The Blue Ridge Inn made this grant possible.