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Anjenette Lynne’s Story

AnjenetteNothing really prepares you for the diagnosis of cancer. After a double mastectomy and hysterectomy I underwent five weeks of daily chemo and radiation, loosing15 pounds and all my energy. I remained sore for months and it was difficult to get around. Luckily I had my two dogs that kept me going, wanting daily walks and huddling around me to rest for hours, sensing that I was sick and needed their support. The metallic taste from chemo lingered in my mouth, ruining any attempts to gain weight. I developed lymphedema due to removal of my lymph nodes and I now have to do everything in my power to remove toxins from my body and build up my immune system, which all comes at a cost: organic foods, high quality vitamins, filtered water, compression garments, medical screenings every three months, etc. I was on disability for a short time, which helped while I was undergoing treatment but that has ended and my savings will soon run out. I am taking some college classes to update my skills and looking for work but I am told that I should be focusing on my health instead of worrying about finding a job right now.

Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness makes you painfully aware that most people you meet are dealing with some sort of struggle, no one more important than the other, and the only way we can survive is to help one another. ChemoWize helped me by providing a series of 10 detoxing footbaths which helped removed the chemotherapy and other toxins from my body, as well as acupuncture treatments and lymphatic massage.

ChemoWize also provided me with a variety of wigs when my hair fell out and gave me a juicer. It is both physically and emotionally exhausting to realize that your chronic health condition is your reality but you know with family and friends around you it is possible to get through anything.

Thank you ChemoWize for helping me make it this far.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel when I see Alex so strong and fit now!

I will get there too!

Carmine’s Story

Carmine20 years ago, when diagnosed with cancer in my mid-40’s, I opted to go with both the mainstream medicine route, which included mastectomy and chemotherapy, and any other help I could get from homeopathy. I was very fearful of the outcome and what would happen to my daughter and granddaughter if I didn’t make it.  I did much better than anyone expected – the doctors, my family, and myself included, which I believe was a result of using homeopathy. Although I took the estrogen-redacting drug recommended by my doctor I did not take on the rigorous life style changes proposed by my homeopathic practitioner, which were intended to reduce stress and excessive work. I did take on some of the dietary changes recommended, but that soon drifted off.

10 years later my cancer metastases throughout my right lung from the bottom to almost the very top. I was in extreme pain for the fluid removing procedures when I went back to my homeopathic practitioner, Ron Frank, who was able to reduce the pain within twenty minutes to just mild discomfort. That alone would have been great help from homeopathy, as the homeopathic remedy is completely non-toxic, but this benefit does not compare to happened moving forward.

My cancer was now stage 4. The doctors were recommending chemotherapy. However my prognosis was very unfavorable with a 3 months probability of living without having aggressive chemotherapy, and 6 months with the chemotherapy but at a very poor quality of life. I opted to not do the chemotherapy in order to have a better quality of life for her last few months and to see what I could accomplish with a new commitment to my body.  I was desperate and wanted to live.  Ron explained that the prognosis was based on the tools the oncologist and surgeon had available, and we were now going to use different tools and therefore we would have no way of knowing how long I would live.

I went back to my doctor within a month, after rigorously following diet and homeopathic supplements and the doctor came out beaming, saying how wonderful it was that the chemotherapy was working! The tumor in the right lung had regressed all the way down to just the very bottom. I was delighted to be able to tell my doctor that I was not taking any chemotherapy at all, or any other medications other than the homeopathic remedies and dietary changes I started a month ago. Homeopathy is not a magic bullet; but in concert with all the dietary changes and the hope, I did very well for the next year. Then I stopped seeing Ron and fell back into old habits. When I eventually came back to Ron the tumors were growing again although slowly.

I discontinued my consultations with Ron Frank because I lost both my house and my business and was in financial ruin because of the economic downturn. I had not been able to afford even the organic foods for my much-needed lifestyle changes. I passed the five year mark of working together with Ron Frank and although my body goes up and down and I still have cancer, I still have my life and I still work, although not as much as before. I have lived comfortably and usefully with my family 5 years beyond what was considered medically possible by more than one physician.

I currently get help from ChemoWize, who provided me with a juicer and has provided me with monthly natural supplements and homeopathic remedies for the last three years.  Without ChemoWize I would not be able to continue taking care of myself naturally and my life would not have been extended to date.

I cannot thank everyone who has supported and donated to ChemoWize enough for giving me LIFE!


5 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Renee Burton OlsonRenee Olson was diagnosed at age 35 with stage 2 grade 3 breast cancer in 2009. She will be a 5-year survivor in November 2014. Her treatment included a double mastectomy and left side lymph nodes (15) removal, 6 months of chemotherapy with Herceptin, and 27 days of radiation as well as a year and a half of reconstruction. Tomoxifen was also prescribed for 5 years. Renee says “Chemo was definitely the hardest part of treatment for me.  I literally felt like I was being poisoned each time I went.  And I dug my heels in every time I had to go.  One more time was one too many”.

After chemotherapy and radiation treatments and four surgeries were over, Renee realized that her road to recovery was going to be a long one, and mainstream medicine didn’t offer much in the way of helping her rebuild her weakened body. Having lost weight from 135 to 115 she needed help to learn how to eat in a completely different way and make good healthy choices for a lifestyle that would repel cancer. She was experiencing numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, ringing in the ears, restricted to no mobility of my left arm and upper body, foggy brain and difficulties with conversation and contending with the constant contemplation of what to eat…what not to eat, and what supplements and healthy habits to adopt to prevent cancer from returning as well as the regular hard core stress of having cancer and the thought process that goes along with that.

ChemoWize and the offer of support for post chemo side effects greatly helped Renee, who to utilized the benefits of Partner In Health, Counselor Mary Frank for an extended amount of time teaching Renee about the healing power of food and supplements, along with coaching to help Renee set goals spiritually, physically and emotionally and lessen stress.
Renee also benefited from the support groups with ChemoWize as well as the benefits of a lymphatic massage, acupuncture and ionic footbaths.

Renee states “I am so thankful for ChemoWize and the support I would otherwise have not have been able to find in my regular medical establishment.  It is amazing to have an organization out there that supports women after treatment…as we are left not really knowing which direction to go or what to do.  Thank you for being so graciously there for me ChemoWize and for all the support and love you have given me.  I am blessed and beyond grateful”.

A New Lease On Life!

IMG_5766Diagnosed and treated for breast cancer as a teenager Marianne Kennedy suffered a recurrence later in life when, after she suffered acute shortness of breath, a large tumor the size of a baseball, was discovered in her chest.

The tumor was over her heart and wrapped around her jugular and other important veins. She had developed Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 2. Refusing to accept her Doctor’s diagnosis that she should enter hospice and had less than 3 weeks to live, she found a Doctor willing to treat her with a heavy radiation and chemotherapy regime, 6 x 8 hour chemotherapy every 3 weeks followed by 23 radiation treatments over 18 weeks.

The treatments left her extremely weak, with bone density so compromised it resulted in Avascular Necrosis – death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply and the need for two hip replacements.

Meeting Alex Peterson at the Farmer’s Market in Wrightwood, she found out about ChemoWize. Unable to work anymore, and loosing her home due to medical bills, she was accepted as a beneficiary.

ChemoWize practitioner Ron Frank’s nutritional programs have “given me vitality & energy, put my liver back in normal liver panel range, enabled me to sleep again, regulated my bowel movements and vastly improved the quality of my life.

“Working with ChemoWize practitioner Mary Duman, I have learned how to take care of myself mentally and physically and how to be more positive and over come depression and fear of further recurrence of cancer.  Without ChemoWize I would not have be able to pull out of the deep depression and negative outlook on life that had enveloped me. ChemoWize provided me with a juicer and the education to use it. I had reached a point where I thought life might not be worth living, but as my body has recovered so has my mind.  I look forward to continuing on this upward trajectory and am grateful I got to see my daughter graduate from San Diego State and get an awesome job at UCLA as an oncology certified nurse.  I was also at her wedding! Now bring on the grandchildren!!!!!”

Georgeann Beck Receives Grant

Georgeann Beck Receives Grant

Georgeann Beck receives her grant from ChemoWize director Alex Peterson, with Ron Frank of Classic Homeopathy. Included in the grant are acupuncture treatments, ion footbaths, lymphatic drainage and reflexology massages, nutritional consultation and supplements and SOS footwear. Proceeds from the fundraising event on Sunday the 22nd September 2013 at The Blue Ridge Inn made this grant possible.