Happy Thanksgiving!

I for one am happy to still be here with my loved ones and friends for yet another season of gratitude. I am focusing on being grateful for the family and friends who are still in my life – whether they have or have had cancer or other health problems. Being grateful that I am still here to celebrate life.

The older I get and the longer I survive, the more I realize how much of life really happens just between my own two ears and simply is my perception of the events that come up. I am luckily hardwired as a glass-is-half-full person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on improving my attitude of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving

Cancer reminded me to practice the skill of slowing time down and allowed me to get better at living in the moment – listening to music, practicing meditation, playing my instrument, having fun, and cultivating calmness and gratitude. As a survivor, I wish I had learned these calming life lessons sooner but it is never too late to get life in perspective and think of something to be grateful for every day.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Alex Peterson – Director

Beneficiary of the Month October 2016

4a2753bd-8aba-4d46-99d9-697743891c57ChemoWize supports Mimi Chen – whose post chemotherapy treatments and tumor removal operation show her cancer free! Radiation and 12 weeks more chemo to go but she has kicked cancer in the butt!  ChemoWize will help her recover from the side effects of the chemotherapy when her treatments are complete and has helped her combat nausea and other side effects during the last 12 weeks.

Blue Cut Fire Relief Efforts

blue-cut-reliefChemoWize Corner collected donations for the Blue Cut Fire Relief operation this month.  In co-ordination with Timberline Lions Club, 21 pick up trucks were filled to bursting with clothing, bedding, shoes, toys and household items.  Our volunteers organized donations on site.  Thank you Liz Wolf Spade, Tamie Keen, Kristina, Camille Gawryluk, Brenda Bautista. Michelle Schriener, Julie Park, Alexis Colony, Gayle Mahler, Stephanie Langmade, Eric Magana, Jenny Zumkley and everyone else who has pitched in so far. Thanks also to SnowCreek Dry Cleaners – Carol & Randy,  Timberline Lions Club President Carl Smith and drivers Terri & Judy Wright.

We Need Your Help

We need $1000!

Our July fundraiser “Rock The Lives We Love” became a remembrance for our beloved Adrianne, who passed away the week before the event. We did not raise the anticipated and much needed funds.

In August, as well as being evacuated for a week, ChemoWize spent a lot of time and resources on the Blue Cut Fire.  Many items from the thrift store stock were given to the families who suffered such terrible losses.

Additionally and unfortunately our thrift store ChemoWize Corner was robbed on Wednesday!  A female customer managed to take $120 from behind the counter.

To help us pay our bills to help women in need, please consider a direct donation securely via this website – just click on the donate button and you can help via PayPal, using a credit or debit card.  $5, $10 or $20 donations add up quickly!

Donations can also be mailed to ChemoWize, P.O. Box 429, Wrightwood, CA 92397 or dropped off at ChemoWize Corner, 1255 Apple Drive, Wrightwood (at the top of Park).