January 2017

It’s always good to look back, if briefly, over the year gone by and take stock. So often the “busyness” of business can get in the way of a long-term perspective. This time of year always has me thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.

What about you?

Here are some of mine.

Let go of the self-beating. – It is hurtful and unproductive. Life is too short. Cancer survivors know this on a very intimate and gut level, yet many of us repeat those “not good enough” critical words to ourselves regularly. With the cancer diagnosis itself, I have had to let go of the guilt or worry that I caused it somehow, too.

Let go of the past. – I can’t change it. It is time to forgive others, forgive myself and move forward. If there is something that can be fixed by some kind of verbal or actual reparation, I try to do it. As for the rest, it makes more sense to look forward rather than backwards.

Resolve to help. – Cancer can encourage someone to be extremely self-focused – at least that is one of the ways it affected me. Now is the time to give, to look outward, around us and to help where we can.

Resolve to live – Focus on the people around you. Focus on nature. Create and work on your personal bucket list. There is always someone or something around us to enjoy. Get out there – one step, one breath and one moment at time.

Resolve to take care of yourself – Yes, this includes a healthy diet and exercise but it also means, for me, moderation and no self-beating for backslides. Be gentle with yourself. After everything you have experienced, you deserve it.

Resolve to be grateful – Every day, find three things to be grateful for. Do try to cultivate this habit – you will find yourself to be happier!

I am not going to make a longer list. Six is plenty! I wouldn’t remember more anyway! With these resolutions in mind, I will look life in the face in 2017 and say, “Bring it on!”

What resolutions are you making this year?

– Director Alex Peterson

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