Happy Thanksgiving!

I for one am happy to still be here with my loved ones and friends for yet another season of gratitude. I am focusing on being grateful for the family and friends who are still in my life – whether they have or have had cancer or other health problems. Being grateful that I am still here to celebrate life.

The older I get and the longer I survive, the more I realize how much of life really happens just between my own two ears and simply is my perception of the events that come up. I am luckily hardwired as a glass-is-half-full person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on improving my attitude of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving

Cancer reminded me to practice the skill of slowing time down and allowed me to get better at living in the moment – listening to music, practicing meditation, playing my instrument, having fun, and cultivating calmness and gratitude. As a survivor, I wish I had learned these calming life lessons sooner but it is never too late to get life in perspective and think of something to be grateful for every day.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Alex Peterson – Director

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