Blue Cut Fire Relief Efforts

blue-cut-reliefChemoWize Corner collected donations for the Blue Cut Fire Relief operation this month.  In co-ordination with Timberline Lions Club, 21 pick up trucks were filled to bursting with clothing, bedding, shoes, toys and household items.  Our volunteers organized donations on site.  Thank you Liz Wolf Spade, Tamie Keen, Kristina, Camille Gawryluk, Brenda Bautista. Michelle Schriener, Julie Park, Alexis Colony, Gayle Mahler, Stephanie Langmade, Eric Magana, Jenny Zumkley and everyone else who has pitched in so far. Thanks also to SnowCreek Dry Cleaners – Carol & Randy,  Timberline Lions Club President Carl Smith and drivers Terri & Judy Wright.

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