Allison LaVogue – A Very Special Donor

Allison LaVogueAllison LaVogue lived a meaningful life.  Each day was a reason to rejoice, another opportunity to help others.  Allison became passionate about helping women with breast cancer while her mother Teree fought her own battle.  As Allison attended doctor and treatment appointments alongside her mom at City of Hope, she became very interested in the research that was going on to save women’s lives.  She encouraged her mom to join a study group, allowing her to avoid chemotherapy.

Allison was driven to raise money for local women battling breast cancer, so she urged SASS Club (Socially Aware Serrano Students) to get involved.  Through her guidance, sales of baked goods and pink bracelets brought in hundreds of dollars in donations for Chemowize.  Tragically, Allison was lost to a car accident in October of 2014 just after her 18th birthday, but her friends, family and club continue her legacy, baking through their grief to raise money for Chemowize again and again.  Let us never forget the joy that Allison found in her mother’s recovery, and the work still to be done to help others as we continue to be inspired by her compassionate heart.

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